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What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing

Genetic testing assures the effectiveness of specific medications to patients through genetic profiling.

At the molecular level, certain inherited genes, passed from parents to their children can have multiple effects on the healthy well-being of the children. These mutations can show the likelihood of a patient developing any type of cancer that may have affected any of their ancestors.

CGx testing are available for most types of cancers including: breast, ovarian, colon, and thyroid cancers.

The importance of CGx testing includes;

  • Early determination of risk of a patient developing cancer.
  • Provision of accurate information to guide patient health care plan.

Risk factors for hereditary cancer

No genetic test can say 100% if you will develop cancer for sure. But our CGx test can tell you if you have a higher risk than most people. 

Because hereditary cancers are caused by gene mutations, some of the factors that increase your chances of developing cancer include;

  • Family history of cancer
  • Family members having developed cancer at an early age
  • Cases of multiple cancers in the family tree.

Reasons to consider genetic testing for cancer

There are several reasons to consider Genetic testing. We understand that the decision may seem hard at the moment, but it pays to know and to know, early!

You should consider Genetic testing if:

  • A personal or family history suggests a genetic cause of cancer.
  • A prior test shows a specific genetic change.
  • Anxiety of developing cancer as a result of family members having developed cancer.

Although the results are not 100% fail safe, it offers a window of opportunity for early diagnosis and treatment.

Genetic testing helps to keep you in the know and gives you the opportunity to take steps in lowering your risk.

At, our CGx testing is one of the most up-to-date, advanced genetic testing and offers a easy to understand results so you know your chances/risk factor of developing cancer. We have the best team and equipment to achieve our goals and yours.

Genetic testing at its finest! A trademark of our years of experience and research.

We are the ultimate screening and diagnostic center for genetic testing/profiling and pharmacogenomics.

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