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About us

Who we are

We are a company built on the tenets of quality, prompt service delivery and excellent customer service.

We are poised to continue to deliver exceptional services and clinical insights through genetic testing and pharmacogenetic analysis for proper treatment of critical ailments.

For about a decade, we have led in the area of innovation in genetic testing and pharmacogenetics analysis for early detection and treatment of cancer, identification of gene pool, and the provision of unparalleled clinical insight for the management of terminal conditions.

What we do

We offer physicians and medical practitioners the opportunity to offer personalized medicine through patient genetic profiling – We offer the future of biotechnology.

Our service offers a bespoke approach to clinical Administration of patients, providing the physician with the right genetic information of each patient. This ensures that only the right medicine and medical approaches are employed in the treatment of the patient, decreasing the risk of complications or adverse reactions to particular drugs.

Why partner with us

There are many reasons to speak to us about how we can help. For one;

  • We offer a personalized service that is second to none and tailor-made to suit the direct needs of your patients.
  • We house a team of experienced professionals and biotechnologist dedicated to giving new life to your patients through specialized genetic profiling.
  • We utilize the latest technology to guarantee a perfect result always.
  • We guarantee a reduction in the cases of adverse drug reaction or complications in patients.
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